Released on January 18, 2013 in Pune

If you are from the media, press, TV, or online you can use these stills from the movie to accompany your news article.

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 Reel003.Still011_tn  Reel006.Still001_tn
 Reel006.Still015_tn  Reel006.Still006_tn
Reel006.Still008_tn Reel007.Still009_tn
Reel007.Still015_tn Reel008.Still012_tn
Reel010.Still003_tn Reel010.Still005_tn
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Photos from the music release event held in Pune on the 9th of December 2012 in Pune. Download all Music Release Photos
 MusicRelease_DSC_1334_tn  MusicRelease_DSC_1332_tn
 MusicRelease_DSC_1339_tn  HDJU_MR_1
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